“I never saw a retailer go out of business because they had too little inventory, but I’ve seen them go out of business with too much inventory.” – Allen Questrom, CEO, J C Penney

Retail Ingenuity helps fashion and footwear retailers with revenues between $5M to $100M, optimize their operations to increase profits and cash-flow by 10% to 40% or even more. Your cash-flow, profits and revenue all should increase each and every year.  If it’s not already happening, or the growth is not fast enough. Retail Ingenuity will show you how you can increase your profits fast and have better cash-flow at the same time.


Retail Ingenuity


For retailers, inventory is the most critical component of profitability. Too much and it becomes an expense. Too little and you don’t have enough merchandise when you need it. Understanding your business by product lines is crucial to your success.


Cash-flow can make or break a retail operation. Retail businesses with strong cash-flow can survive anything and on the other hand poor cash-flow can bring a seemingly successful business down to its knees and even cause a complete shut down.


You’re in business to make a profit and the quicker you do, the healthier your business. Retail businesses are more profitable than stock-market investing, yet very few understand how to reap the best returns on your inventory investments.

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